Fantastic Home Addition for Classic Residence

Fascinating Virginia Country Home Addition Floating Deck Plank Wall

O’Neil Architects has successfully conducted the Virginia Country Home Addition project. The residence has the vernacular look of a traditional house. The design is timeless and getting more gracious along with the time. The house exterior is in neutral color. Wood is the main element of this house exterior. The natural stone is used as the exterior all accent. The house roof is in dark grey that suits well with the neutral color of the exterior wall paint.

Awesome Virginia Country Home Addition Rustic Exterior Design

This classic home addition is well adjusted with the original design. From the other side, the house windows are in classic style. The windows use the grid windows model with wood in grey paint. The natural stone is also used for the exterior wall accent in some part of the lower wall. Located in the middle of the nature, this natural accent fits well with the environment. The short divider employs the natural stones as its materials.

The windows are the major element on this house wall. The balcony on the second floor is beautiful in the classic style. The traditional style balustrade makes this house has complete vernacular look. The pathway is built around the house. It has the rustic texture of exterior flooring. This pathway is perfect for taking a walk around the house. This spacious house looks charming in the middle of the trees. The nature is well connected with the house elements especially the exterior. There is a unique exterior space in one side of the outdoor. It is a space where t has the beams as its roof.

Traditional Entry Glass Door Virginia Country Home Addition

Just like the exterior, this house interior has the true classical feel. The family room is furnished with the classical furniture in soft color tone. The large glass windows let this room open and bright. Home addition design will make the house has the fabulous look if it is adjusted with the existing house design.

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