Fantastic Modern Architecture in Futuristic Design with Owner Passion

Brilliant H301 Residence with Asymmetric Outdoor Wall Cool Outdoor Furniture at Courtyard next to Swimming Pool Balcony with Glass Railing

Envisioned by 314 Architecture Studio, marvelous modern architecture in futuristic design realizes the owner passion on yacht. Sharp lining in simple form becomes the ultimate beauty of this building. Standing on suspended pillar, the main part of this residence looks like hovering on calm water surface reviving the resemblance of a boat. Spacious open floor brings more freedom in enjoying the warm sun radiance and lounging after swimming. Majestic nuance captures the brilliant combination of white painting concrete and dark glass feature.

Awesome H301 Residence with Swimming Pool and Fancy Ornamental Plants in Minimalist Garden Geometric Outdoor Wall Glaring Outdoor Light

Surrounded by lush and neat living green grass, this residence also gathers the splendor of verdant view. Hyaline water of the pool exudes the cool and charming sense of contemporary housing style. Detail construction reveals the excellence of the architect in crafting the exterior fixture within uneven lining. Opening the upper floor as rooftop yard offers beautiful space to enjoy the flawless natural scenery. Small lighting creates a whimsical nuance in the air when the dawn has come. As the common manner of calm water, the pool perfectly reflects the above realm in light blue copy. It may nominate this ultramodern dwelling as one of modern house architecture designs in Greek.

Sunken lighting completes the exquisiteness of the exterior beneath the water. Evoking the magical sense in mode architecture, the illumination setting grants more charming fixture through the smart lighting placement and feature. Open space under the main building is the best site to be the open air sitting area. With all romanticism, the night upgrades the magnificence of this luxurious residence.

Bright H301 Residence with Cladding Asymmetric Outdoor Wall Stylish Outdoor Furniture on Wide Concrete Deck Fresh Ornamental Plants

Grandeur of nature hails this residence perspective. White painting embosses the glamorous presence upon green land. Clean lining in the exterior style promotes the loveliness of this architectural simple glamour. Clever management of exterior and interior plans magnifies the nomination to include this home into one of the most modern house in Greek.

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