The basics of Fireplace installation

gas fireplace

A large majority of houses built today are not fitted with fireplaces despite that fact that majority of homeowners would prefer to have one in their house. Surveys have also shown that a large percentage of homeowners are willing to install fireplaces to their existing houses. Here is some valuable information that will guide you if you intend to install a fireplace in your home.

Is it really possible?

The first thing people ask is whether it is possible to install a fireplace in an existing house. The good news is that today there are a variety of fireplaces available therefore, the chances of finding a suitable kind of fireplace for your house are very high.  The types of fireplaces range from traditional wood burning varieties to vent-less units that are mounted on walls.

Installation is however subject to local building regulations. It is important to check with your local and state building departments about regulations related to fireplace installation.

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Where to put it

In most cases people prefer to have fireplaces in their living rooms however, you can install one in any room your house.  You do not have to limit yourself when it comes to fireplace installation.

Cost of installation

You will definitely incur labor and materials costs when setting up a new fireplace and costs will vary depending on the type of fireplace, the amount of materials required and the labor cost.  Usually the cheaper electrical varieties will cost around $400 while the more expensive units may cost upwards of $10,000.

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Types of fireplaces


electric fireplace

Gas Burning

gas fireplace

Wood Burning

wood burning fireplace

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