Geometric Minimalist Exterior Design in Black and White Combination

Astounding Outdor Hallway Design of J20 House with Soft Cream Colored Wooden Floor and Dark Colored Wall which is Made from Wood

Today we will talk about a very nice idea of a minimalist exterior design. This was invented by DAR612 who called this project as the J20 House. It could be found in Zagreb of Croatia, surrounded by spacious green areas. If you take a look at the floor plan, this building is shaped in letter T model. Since this building has a huge space, it provides also luxury on the outside to be enjoyed by your family. Let’s see it even closer.

The facade of the house presents a combination of black and white parts in pattern. Lots of glass windows are added on the building. It shows also the touch of lighting of the rooms inside. The black wall installation there is patterned and perfect. From another side of the minimalist exterior house design, you can see some floating terraces of the second floor are added. Their white balustrades are combined with glass touches which make them look prettier. Enjoy the fresh scenery from that site.

Awesome Building Design of J20 House with White Colored Outer Wall and Transparent Little Window which is Made from Glass Panel

This is the main entry to the building. The path is modernly made from concrete tiles. It has bright coloration that combines perfectly with the black and white walls around. Some built-in lamps on the walls are helping you to enlighten your way. Wooden entrance with minimalist style is no less beautiful to see. And if you take a look at another part of the exterior, you can enjoy an opened patio behind the house. Giant sliding doors there blur the limitation of indoor and outdoor areas of the house.

Breathtaking Hallway Design of J20 House with Light Brown Colored Staircase which is Made from Wood and Silver Stainless Handrail

Why don’t you take a look at some parts of the interior? Dominated in white, the interior gives you wider and clearer impressions to be enjoyed. The living room is supported by a white sectional sofa. A white rug is there too, lying on the wooden floor. Wood also goes up to the staircase installation. Steeled balustrade and wooden steps are collaborating together to create modernity. Don’t forget to check the indoor swimming pool inside the house. Also enjoy the ideas of the minimalist exterior home design presented in these pictures.

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