Great tile ideas for your bathroom

Bathroom Mosaic Tiles

  • Travertine tiles

Travertine tiles offer an elegant yet rustic look. The have a textured surface and may have chiseled edges which gives a great finished look. Apart from looking great the textured surface of Travertine floor tiles also reduces the chances of slippage when the surface is wet.

Travertine Tiles

  • Metallic backsplash

In terms of aesthetics, metal is a great element to incorporate in your bathroom.  It is also durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Metal Backsplash Bathroom

  • Mosaic tiles

These are vibrantly colored tiles that combine two or more colors forming an elegant pattern.  They are usually combined with clear doors in order to accentuate the lovely design.

Bathroom Mosaic Tiles

  • Raised Tile backsplash

This design adds contrast without the need of using new colors.  The designs slightly jut out of the tile plane giving a textured design.  There are plenty of designs and themes to choose from.

Bathrooms Wall Raised Backsplash

  • Porcelain

They are made of refined heated clay and are a great alternative to ceramic tiles or natural stone surfaces. They are very versatile and come in various textures, sizes and shapes. They can also be easily integrated into your decor theme.

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles


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