Homey Retreat House Design Offering Pleasant Relaxation among Verdant

Cute House near Moscow  with Natural Wood Wall and Roof Small Balcony with Metallic Railing for Enjoying Greenery View

Situated in Atlanta, Georgia, Studio One Architecture presents a pleasing retreat house design for a family to spend the off days. Simple look of the architectural style hides brilliance technique of juxtaposing various materials to build a marvelous contemporary dwelling. Golden and tender illumination embraces the atmosphere around the home. Wood, stone, and concrete unify to provide plentiful coziness as the ultimate hospitality of this retreat. Glass installation has the aim on gathering the refreshing verdant view to enhance the convenience inside the interior.

Marvelous House near Moscow  Providing Small Bathroom with Rough Stone Floor and Glass Wall Square Corner Bathtub and Wood Bathroom Vanity

Sharp lining creates starkly angular form covering the exterior fixture. Collaboration of natural brown and spotless white shows the stylish simplicity. Aligning with the pristine topography, foundation firmly strengthens the construction keeping the straight flat retreat house design architecture to exhibit the massive charm. Wooden structure nicely frames the glass window and doors welcoming every exhausted soul to feel relaxing glamour in soothing interior design.

Smooth and soft sitting furniture defines the contribution in setting inviting place to lounge. Burning fireplace exudes the subtle warm filling the indoor atmosphere with calming nuance. Invisible windows allow abundant sun radiance overflowing in fusion with the room warmth. It also captures the natural splendor of green leaves. Balancing the translucency of the window, stone wall feature is the perfect match to clash the transparency. Savoring fresh drink on the terrace sitting space is the precious moment for family to gather in simple celebration.

Mesmerizing House near Moscow  Offering Small Balcony with Outdoor Sofa Set and Classic Stone Fireplace Shady Trees on Backyard

Glass element grants open space and spacious nuance within the bedroom interior. Comfortable bed invites every tired body to be quick in resting beneath the smooth duvet. Open wide door calls the refreshing air to come freely inside. Modern bathroom complies with the modern lifestyle. Having in ground style bathtub translates the continuity of architecture house design ideas to unify the furniture with home structure in compact style.

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