Impressive Eclectic Interior Design Appears Beautiful Silhouette

Awesome Living Space Design on Eclectic Apartment Brazil with Soft Purple Colored Rectangular Table and White Colored Tiger Skin Carpet

If you want to add the cheerful nuance into your home, then you should think about applying the eclectic interior design idea. This decoration concept mainly combines the vivacious color from the furniture application. The architect Henrique Steyer which is one of the designers of Albus Design has applied this adorable interior ornamentation to an apartment in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The whole look of this dwelling space impress the artistic nuance since it indeed utilizes the French antique pieces.

Breathtaking Dining Space Design on Eclectic Apartment Brazil with Spiky Shell Shaped Pendant Lamp Cover and White Colored Marble Dining Table

The white man Greece sculpture is the most distinguish accent in this apartment main lounge. It is placed on the marble coffee table beside the glossy brown TV cabinet set. The displaying of colorful Persian runner and tiger theme rug in the family hall and living room add the pleasure ambiance for the habitants. However, the architect still maintain the ceiling and wall color with the pastel painting hue to avoid the tacky overwhelming impression. This eclectic interior design style is then beautified more with the utilization of built in lamp.

Briliant Dining Space Design on Eclectic Apartment Brazil with Cream Colored Floor which is Made from Marble Covered with Blue Carpet

You can adopt the same idea, though, for the furniture application like the architect does. It combines the artistic wooden chairs with brownish pad and the modern solid black leather sectional sofa into the same spot which finally appears an eye catching look. The Zepplin lamp adds the vintage atmosphere to this living lounge. Meanwhile, the dragon room decor creates a more oriental impression.

The lavish nuance can be catch from the utilization of golden accent from the wooden door with iron handle and the artistic standing mirror frame. At a glance, we may know that this apartment owner loves animal very much trough the displaying of animal theme room decor, such as the miniature of horse and tiger rug. This eclectic style interior design concept is also completed then with the antique chaise lounge with curvy backrest.

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