Inspiring Kitchen Dining Divider Ideas in Open Plan Design

Beautiful Arch Lamp near Cozy Couch front Nice Table for Kitchen Dining Divider

Today, we will take you to see some inspiring ways to incorporate the kitchen dining divider in an open plan design to enhance design or create order in your kitchen and dining areas. See the ideas below and stay inspired!

Cute Wooden Kitchen Dining Divider with Simple Pantry front Dining Table on Dark Floor

Cabinetry can make a smart solution for kitchen dining room divider. Try creating a pass-through with cabinets to unify and separate rooms at the same time. If you want to eliminate the cramped feel from having large, bulky, and continuous cabinets extending from dining to kitchen, consider using ones with open cubbies and glass doors so the light can enter through the transition to expand both spaces visually. Another creative alternative to divide kitchen from dining is to occupy half walls. They can mark the boundaries of two areas without having to disrupt the social flow. Therefore, you can still enjoy the conversational atmosphere between both rooms.

Fresh Tree closed Dining Table for Enthralling Kitchen Dining Divider with Simple Pantry

A simple room divider does can always make a solution to separate your kitchen and dining instantly. However, it is never a bad idea to go for the more unique option, right? Upgrade the standard room partition and use windows as room dividers instead. This can make a unique visual interest in the room while keeping lights filtering and filling both dining room and kitchen at the same time. Adjust the window style depending on what interior design you have.

Rustic Brick Fire Place front Simple Sofa on Wood Floor for Kitchen Dining Divider

Another inspiring way to define your kitchen’s boundaries is by creating a breakfast bar. This idea works greatly in an open kitchen, which can be as challenging as designing a small kitchen since conveying order and calm becomes an obviously necessary need in a larger space. With a breakfast bar as kitchen and dining room partition, you can always make your kitchen as an inviting gathering space for you, family, and even guests.

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