Minimalist House from Wooden Material with Stylish Modern Design

Cozy Wooden Residence Malcolm Davis Architecture Bedroom with Wooden Bed Round Nightstands and Sconces

The minimalist house is not the problem to create modern family home. The limited space can make the owner feel comfort and satisfy with creative arrangement. The Wooden Residence has been designed by Malcolm Davis Architecture. This home has small space with wooden material domination to make the home looks more elegant. The wooden decoration can provide warm atmosphere inside the modern home interior, so it can make the home more comfort and stunning. When we see the facade of the home, we will see the home has cube design with three small windows are applied in the wall.

Gorgeous Wooden Residence Malcolm Davis Architecture with Wooden Fence Surrounding the Building

The sleek wooden design can be smart choice to make the home looks more comfort. The wooden decoration has natural color that can make the room can be felt more comfort. This material is also can be paired with any furniture design to create wonderful interior design. Inside the minimalist house interior we can hang the adorable small pendant light. The stylish folding chair also can be good choice to be put in this minimalist house. The folding chair has flexible design that is compatible to place inside the limited space. For you who wants to apply this minimalist house decor, it will be a very cool idea for you.

The minimalist house needs creative arrangement to make the room interior looks more efficient. The wall mounted bookshelf can be a solution to make the room interior looks more impressive. The wall can be changed into huge bookshelf. This design can save the room space significantly and make the room looks tidier. The colorful book in the rack also can be good decoration to make the room looks more wonderful. To enjoy the stunning outside panorama optimally, the owner can place the rocking chair near the huge glass window.

Inviting Wooden Residence Malcolm Davis Architecture Interior with Bright Skylights on Pitched Ceiling

The elegant bedroom can be an appropriate design to be applied inside this limited space house. The stylish wall lamps can be good choice to make minimalist house decor. The wooden element becomes the main materials that are applied in this home. The minimalist house is an excellent idea to create wonderful living space.

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