Patterned Wallpaper Designs

Living Room Wallpaper Design
An easy way to add zest to your walls and create some vibrancy is by using wallpaper.  From feminine florals to modern geometric patterns, the choices of designs are virtually infinite.  Here are a couple of designs that you could consider for your home.

  • Classic floral

Floral Wallpaper Pattern

The flowery concept is an evergreen design pattern that never gets outdated.  There are plenty of patterns to choose from ranging from bright roses in bloom to delicate tulip motifs.  Some of the flower wallpaper designs have a shimmer effect with highlights the patterns and makes them even more striking.


  • Plain textured

White Textured Wallpaper

If you a looking for a more conservative look for your walls then this is a suitable option. This style of wallpaper can be used in various rooms and although it may not be multi-colored, the textured patterns definitely add some character.  This type of wallpaper is suitable for large spaces such as hallways.  Some of the popular colors for plain textured wallpaper include cream, taupe and stone.

  • Geometric style

Geometric Wallpaper Design

This kind of wallpaper design incorporates shapes and patterns superimposed on a plain background. There are various creative themes that include intricate curves, classical shapes, block designs and even urban flair. If you are adventurous you could come up with your own design and have a custom made wallpaper design created.

  • Stripes

Striped Wallpaper design

If you prefer linear designs then stripes are definitely the way to go. Striped wall decals offer a sophisticated look which is a slight shift from intricate geometric designs.  Striped designs are sophisticated and have a calming effect. This type of wallpaper design is more popular in living rooms and bedrooms.

  • Damask

Damask Wallpaper Design


This is a sophisticated design that is reminiscent of the renaissance period.  It gives your walls a classic look and is often used in living rooms.

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