Prototype of Low Cost Agro-Industries Wins Global Award

small agro industry winning design
One of the main challenges that developing countries face is the inability for poor communities to be self-sustainable. Effective poverty eradication projects need to focus on empowering communities to come up with indigenous projects that can generate significant income. Estudio Flume is an architectural outfit that has designed a prototype low-cost agro-industry that is aimed at providing communities with modular housing units that can be used to set up agri-business ventures.

agro industry

Estudio Flume combined its experience in modern architecture design with local materials to come up with a design that is appealing to the eye yet very functional.  The structures are also built to withstand extreme weather conditions where most of the mini agro-food factories are located. The raw materials used are locally sourced which means that the construction costs are well within the budgets of the targeted communities.

This innovative low-cost agri-industry design has been lauded as a groundbreaking idea and recently won an award at the 2016 Global Innovation Camp which was held in Italy.  This is a great example of social-inspired architecture with the objective of uplifting the lives of marginalized communities,

agro business industry

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