Sophisticated Black Interior Doors

Color trends may come and go, yet you can always count on black to remain a stylish color. For an entirely new look in your home, consider painting or purchasing black interior doors. Black room doors, closet doors, and cabinet doors can all add sophisticated characteristics to the home decor of your dreams.


Black doors for rooms can be purchased pre-hung (meaning that the door frame is also included). They are also offered as stand-alone doors.  Hinges may be attached or you may choose your own.  The doors may come with handles, or you may choose the handles you prefer.  All of these can be purchased at any home improvement store.


Ready to paint doors are also available when you would like to choose your favorite wood and favorite grains patterns.  Many of the doors will already be primed and ready to paint. Some doors are wooden without primer painted on them already.  Painting the door with a quality primer is important to preserving the paint for some time to come.  Priming also contributes to lesser quantities of paint needed for full coverage.  Purchasing black paint is the next step if you choose these kind of doors.



Black paint comes in a variety of hues.  Painting with a deep, dark black, to a soft, light black, or anywhere in between can enhance the look of every room in your home.  There are also choices of glossy, semi-gloss, matte, and even chalkboard paint in any of your most loved hues of black.


When using black on room doors and closet doors you may choose to paint the trim of the door frame and the trim in the rest of the room black.  For a contrast, painting trims white will make a statement of exquisite taste.  The walls of the room can be any color you prefer.  As a suggestion, white or red walls can particularly showcase the artistry of the black doors.


When using black room doors, it is important to have matching closet doors, as well, for a cohesive look. As an exception, for kitchens, the door to the room and the pantry closet door (if you have one) should be the same black, but the cabinet doors can be another color while still creating a coordinating style.



For kitchens, and even children’s bedrooms, black chalkboard paint on the back of the door or on a specific cabinet or pantry door can add a touch of fun.  Purchase white chalk or colored chalk and purchase a chalk eraser, also.  The color of chalk you use can coordinate with the other colors in your kitchen.  Use the chalk in the kitchen to create groceries lists, or for fun sayings and quotes to give a boost to your day.


In a child’s room the chalk can be used as an expression of whatever art they may choose to create on the room or closet door.  For tweens and teens rooms, using chalk to express music quotes or any list of favorites can aid in their self-expression.  Another witty idea for younger and older children, alike, is to have guests sign their door.  The guests can draw a picture or write their favorite quote on the door in addition to their signatures.  The best part about using chalk in the kitchen or a child’s bedroom is whenever you want to change the list, quotes, or art all you have to do is erase it to begin again!


Another consideration when purchasing, painting, or repainting existing doors is to change the door knobs as well.  You may choose black door knobs, or any other color that suits your taste.  Silver and gold knobs can make a gratifying completion and may match decor in your room.  Door knobs can be purchased at home improvement stores and some department stores.



Knobs for closet or cabinet doors can also be changed to match the room door.  The knobs on the closet doors do not necessarily need to match in style, only in color. Some closet doors can have more intricate knobs for opening.  Simple knobs work just as well, depending on your taste.  Intricacy does not always have to be used to achieve sophisticated looks. Basic designs for knobs can have just as much of an impact on the design of the room.closetandcabinetknob6If you prefer to go with a more rustic decor in your rooms for your doors, sliding barn doors can fit perfect.  They can be purchased at a home improvement store, along with the railing to attach them to the wall.  Often, when finding the barn doors, you will have to paint the door black once it is installed. Most of these type of doors come in tan, brown, or burgundy wood colors, such as oak, pine, or mahogany.  It is still possible to find black barn doors to purchase, just a little more difficult.


Another incredible way to create sophistication in your door decor is to purchase a revolving door.  It will have a regular door on one side and the other side will be a shelving unit.  The shelving can be used for books in a library or office in your home.  The shelving can also be used to display favorite decorative pieces. These types of doors are much more costly, yet the uniqueness of the door and shelving together is worth it.  Buying or painting the door and shelving black makes it that much more exclusive.


An ideal reason to use black on interior doors is that it matches absolutely every color.  There are not any colors that look out of place with black hues.  The blacks hues, in and of themselves, create an attractive base color that is chic.  The classy view of the doors lets you build upon the sophistication as a whole for your decor.


No matter what the type of door, framing, hinges, knobs, or trim color you have, you will never regret choosing black for the doors.  Not only is the look individualized, the spring and fall cleaning of the doors is always easy, as well.  For those who have children or pets, minor smudges and dirt will not show much until you are able to clean it.  There are recent social media sayings that many other colors are the “new” black, just remember that black is ALWAYS the most sophisticated color you can find for home decor and especially for your doors!

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