Swanky Modern Furniture Design of Futuristic Wall Magnetic Accessory

Awesome View of the Magnetic Spirit Concept in the Room with White Wall and White Ceiling (2)

Benoit Bayol has brilliantly created a swanky modern furniture design for this futuristic wall magnetic accessory. Yes, for you who wants to beautify your wall with something striking, try to put this enchanting modern Magnetic Spirit. With its movable and flexible character, this item will be the best option. The platform is with magnetic fixing system, this trendy item will stick easily on the wall. You just need to arrange the exact position. For the function, we could call it as multi function modern furniture. You could develop it as beautiful book shelves, photo displayer, or even just an accessory for your beloved dwelling.Comfortable Brown Sofa Chaise and Black Bench in Living Room with the Simple Design Magnetic Spirit


Of course, besides the living room, office room will be the perfect option here. Since this item was formed from well-composed modern office furniture design, you could undoubtedly put it on the wall in your office room. Whether it will be just a wall accessory or an additional book shelf, you could decide based on your need. The position also could be arranged in a vertical shape or horizontal as well. Then you could adapt it with your space and the whole design. If you have high ceiling, developing it with horizontal form will be the best option, then when your ceiling is a bit low you could arrange it in a vertical shape to create more spacious and wide outlook.

Colorful Details in the Living Room Area Magnetic Spirit with Brown Sofa Chaise and Black Fireplace

Moreover, this item was formed in enchanting monochromatic palettes start from black, white, and grey. It basically shows the beauty of futuristic idea since those colors appear as the best representation of modernity in furniture design. Of course, when you develop this affecting furniture in your dwelling, for instance in your living room, you could blend it with some colorful furniture in term of producing more bright and delightful ambiance. This item will blend melodiously with any kind of modern furniture, even the bright ones.

To sum up, this trendy furniture prototype has successfully exposed the beauty of creative design. Through its magnetic system and extraordinary concept, this item will bring new excitement. And of course its multi function character will also hypnotize every house owner who decided to put it in their living room or office room. In the end, this prototype could be considered as one of the most innovative modern office furniture design ideas ever.

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