Take a Chance with a Black Themed Bathroom

black tiled bathroom with white chair

A bathroom is considered a sanctuary and the colors that are associated with this space are often light and subtle. A black color scheme for a bathroom is considered slightly masculine and provocative. However, when done tastefully, black is actually quite an elegant hue for  bathrooms. A lot of thought and planning has to go into this project in order to achieve a bold, inviting finish. When done professionally, this color scheme is quite sophisticated and blends in well with accessories.


black bathroom walls and doors

The walls need not be completely black. To avoid a gaudy monotonous look some contrasting streaks could be added. Alternatively, a marble finish would be great because it incorporates multiple colors that add a nice visual appeal. All these ideas can be implemented either for a paint finish or using ceramic tiling.

Avoid Jet Black

In most cases, the jet black theme may make a room feel rather dated and less sophisticated. For this reason, it is better to use a different shade or mix the black with another hue. This will add a little more dynamism and it may help in blending the bathroom theme with the rest of the house.

black themed shower


Too much black is obviously not a good idea so you will need to add combine it with some contrasting colors. For instance, you could use black ceramic tiles on the lower half of the walls and paint the rest of the wall white or mercury. This will create an appealing look while breaking the humdrum.

Some Shine

To pull off this look, you’ll need to have shiny surfaces as well as fixtures. Metal faucets and handles, for instance, are a great choice. Glass and metal ornaments would also help in bouncing off some light in the otherwise light-absorbing space

black themed bathroom with metallic accesories

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