The basics of fireplace safety


A fireplace makes a room warm and cozy and for those romantics out there, you’ll agree with me that sitting with your partner in front of a fire surely sets the mood. In spite of all the benefits that a fireplace has, it could turn into a hazard if it is not handled and cared for in the right manner. It is therefore important to observe certain measures have to be observed in order to maintain fireplace safety.

If you are installing a fireplace in your house you need to seek the services of a professional contractor to do all the fitting. The substandard construction of fireplaces could lead to bigger problems later on and most insurance companies will not compensate for any damages that occur as a result of poor construction.

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Child safety is a major concern when it comes to fireplaces and you should consider installing a fireplace safety gate if you have small children around the house. They will ultimately prevent any toddlers from getting close to the fire. The steel or iron varieties would be more ideal because they are harder to topple over. The advantage of these appliances is that they are portable therefore they can be used inside the house or even for outdoor fire pits.

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If you have bigger children, it is important to give them a talk about fireplace by explaining to them the dangers of playing close to a fire and the consequences of disregarding safety measures. This will prevent any injuries that may occur out of a child’s ignorance. The brick type fireplaces could cause grazes and bruising on children therefore you could consider buying special padding that prevents this.


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Take time to do an inspection of the fireplace structure and look out for any cracks or anything that looks out of place. For a more thorough instruction you may acquire the services of a professional fire expert to do a more thorough check and carry out any repairs if necessary.

If there are any tall trees that are growing close to the chimney’s smoke outlet, be sure to trim them because they may restrict the proper flow of smoke leading to a buildup of carbon monoxide within your home.

A good fireplace is a great asset and if you take proper care of it and observe safety, you will definitely enjoy its benefits for a long time to come

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