Things to consider when choosing a kitchen sink

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or constructing a new home, you will have to take into consideration the size and type of sink that you install.  Your kitchen will be much more functional with a good sink and it may also add some aesthetic value.

  • Kitchen size

There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to kitchens and it states that if your kitchen is 150 square feet or less, a bowl sink measuring between 22 inches and 24 inches is sufficient enough. If you have a larger kitchen you could opt for a larger bowl or multiple sinks.

Double Bowl Brown Kitchen Sink

  • Base Cabinet

The average size of a base cabinet is 24 inches from the back to the front. However, in order to know the right size for your base cabinet size you will have to measure the area where the sink will be placed.  Ensure that you add a few inches of space on the sides for mounting.

  • Single or Double?

You will need to consider beforehand whether you want a single or multi basin. This will ultimately determine the exact amount of space that is needed for installation.

  • Mount Style

There are various kinds of mounting styles to choose from including self-rimming, over-mount, seamless, integral and under-mount.

2 Bowl Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Sink

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