Top 4 Accessories for your Mancave


A mancave is a room that men consider their island of relaxation away from the stresses of normal domestic life.  It is also an entertainment center that requires all the requisite accessories to keep the occupants fully entertained. So apart from the standard Television and home theatre system, what other accessories would be required to enhance the mancave experience?

  • Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge in Stainless Steel

Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge and Dispenser

This product from Nostalgia Electrics is a stainless steel dispenser that serves beer easily and also doubles up as a fridge.  This means that the beers are always served ice cold.  This is an ideal appliance for a mancave especially when catching a game with friends. The device is quite functional and is able to hold approximately four 15 gallon kegs and has a top mounted tap for easy dispensing.

  • Antebellum 48 in. Media Console Electric Fireplace

This is an extremely innovative device that combines a media console center with an electric fireplace. This is a great way of adding warmth to your mancave with the added advantage of providing a suitable structure to organize your entertainment components such as DVD player, Satellite receiver, and games consoles among others.

It is a portable device that is easy to move from one place to another with ease.

Antebellum Console and Electric Fireplace

  • Full Motion Motorized Cantilever Mount Fits 37 in. to 85 in. TV’s

Motorized TV Mount

Entertainment is the mainstay of any mancave and the TV happens to be the focal point.  A great visual experience is a must and with this TV mount you can be assured of great viewing angles and motorized adjustment when required.  Once your flat screen TV is mounted on this component you simply use an RF remote to adjust the screen accordingly.

  • Single Bottle Wine Chiller

Single Bottle Wine Chiller

If you’re a winer person, this wine chiller/dispenser combo is a great accessory. It has some great features including LED bottle illumination which enhances the visual appeal.  It also has a shot chiller which ensures that your shots are ice cold.  The appliance is very compact therefore you do not have to worry about clutter.


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