Vintage art for your modern kitchen

colored coffee cup canvas print

coffee cup framed print

When you’re thinking about creative décor for your kitchen you can consider going for a vintage look for . Apart from unique color themes, the use of retro art can definitely bring your kitchen alive.  Retro art themes ranges from 50’s psychedelic prints to bold vibrant 60’s style art pieces. Colors such as avocado green, mustard, and orange are commonly used, offering a great esthetic effect. The designs of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was also quite distinct and inspiring especially the mock advert art pieces which have become novelty items over the years. Other creative art pieces that you can use in your kitchen include magazine illustrations, movie posters as well as images of celebrities of the past.

coffee print art

coffee cup canvas picture

laundry club framed print

Apart from wall art you can get bring your kitchen alive by getting vintage accessories to spice up the décor.  For instance vintage cake and cookie tins are a good choice because in addition to adding flair they are also practical and can be used for storage purposes.  You can store things like bottle openers, keys, scissors and other Knick knacks inside these cake tins.

vintage cake tin

flowery cake tin

original vintage blue cake tin

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