Ways of Saving Water when Watering your Garden

Using Watering Can

Plants definitely require a significant amount of hydration for their sustenance. However, many people tend to use more water than required to irrigate their gardens. This could be harmful to the plants and may unnecessarily increase your water bills. We have compiled a couple of tips that will help you cut down on the amount of water you are using in your garden.

Try as much as possible to recycle water. For instance, water that is used for cooking or cleaning veggies is good enough to be used to water plants and flowers. Most dish washing liquid varieties are not harmful to plants so you could also use this for your garden. However, be careful not to use water with harsh detergents and other chemicals because they are likely to have a negative effect on greenery. Also, ensure that the recycled water does not have residue because it could be transferred to the plants.

Watering Can

Planting flowers closer to each other is important because it reduces the amount of water needed to irrigate them. However, you shouldn’t plant flowers or trees too close to each other. A moderate distance is recommended.

Find out from your municipal council whether you are able to collect rain water. If you are approved, this is a great way of collecting water for your garden using roof gutters.

Water Harvesting

When using a water hose for watering try and fix an attachment that has a greater range since it will help you use water more sparingly.

Watering Garden

Keep this tips in mind and you will soon find that your water consumption will reduce and your garden will still flourish.

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