What You Need To Know About Trundle Beds

Trundle Sofa Bed

Space is an important resource in any home, however, sometimes it is quite limited and has to be utilized well.  If you live in a small house or apartment you have to come up with simple ways of ensuring that your home does not get cramped.  One of the best options for a small bedroom is a trundle bed.  This is basically a bed that has another bed stashed under it.  Usually the bottom bed slides out like a shelf and can be slid back when not in use.

Trundle Bed

Trundle beds come in a range of styles and materials including cast iron, wood and other metals.  The material you consider for your trundle bed will be determined by your interior décor theme.

The main advantage of trundle beds is their ability to save space.  In addition to providing additional sleeping space, they can also be used as chaise lounges or daybeds. In essence they can also function as a small couch.

Some trundle beds have drawers which can be used to store bedding or other items.

Montana Twin Bed with Trundle

Twin Trundle Bed

Raspberry Trindle Bed


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