Wonderful Persian Living Room Designs: Buying Tips for the Rug

Acceptable Persian Living Room Designs with Sofa also Chairs plus Coffee table and TV

When it comes to Persian living room designs, Persian rug is absolutely a must-have piece to complement the interior and decoration of the room. The stunning area rugs are traditionally made in Persia, which we all know as Iran right now. Even though the designs are frequently coped and made in other countries as well, the authentic Persian area rugs still have their own appeal to improve your living room interior amazingly and beautifully.

Agreeable Wall Decor using chic Painting also Cute Sofa as Persian living Room Designs

Most area rugs made in Iran for Persian living room decor are handmade, crafted with traditional weaving techniques and hand-dyed yarn. Natural fibers are always used as the main material for handmade Persian area rugs, such as cotton, silk, or wool. With proper care, the beautiful rugs can even last up to decades. Hand-knotted rugs are often very expensive due to the amount of work to make one. For a less expensive option, there are the hand-tufted rugs that are made using a modified drill gun with only about a week to create. Compare with hand-knotted rugs that can take a year to finish.

Taking Persian Living Room Designs with Arm Chairs also Coffee Table plus Mini Floor Lamp

The much more affordable option you can consider buying is the machine-made Persian rugs. They are typically produced in countries outside of Iran and usually contain synthetic fibers, such as acrylic, nylon, and viscose. However, it doesn’t mean the machine-made rugs are absolutely low in quality. They are especially suitable to use for outdoor rooms.

Taking Persian Living Room Designs with Arm Chairs also Coffee Table plus Mini Floor Lamp

If you decide to buy the machine-made area rugs or handmade ones, it is always important to check the description. Carefully see which fibers that have been used to make the rugs. Compared to the similar rugs made with only man-made materials, machine-made Persian rugs from wool can be more durable. It is said that the high-quality machine-made Persian rug living room ideas can even last up to 20 years with proper care.

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