Reasons Why Your Toilet Seat May Need a Makover

Coral Inspired Toilet Cover Set

In spite of the fact that they don’t get a lot of consideration, toilet seats can have a major effect on both the comfort and look of your lavatory. Toilets are often white in color, however, many toilets today come in a variety of distinctive hues and styles. If it’s been a while since you last redesigned your toilet, it may be advisable to look around for ideas that would suit your preference and interior decor theme. Here are a few reasons why a toilet seat upgrade is required.

Wear and Tear

You need to replace old or battered toilet seats. Let’s face it, these seats don’t last forever and they are likely to get worn out before you actually have to replace the entire toilet. In the event that you notice that your toilet seat has unsightly stains or worn out hinges, it’s definitely time to replace it.

Toilet Seat Makeover

 Interior theme

You definitely need a toilet seat that matches your bathroom decor theme. If you invest hours searching for the right bathroom fixtures when carrying out a makeover then why not set aside a little time to find a suitable toilet seat that matches your overall decor theme? These days, it’s not difficult to find toilet seats that are different from the run of the mill white seats that we are used to seeing. A different colored toilet seat may be an awesome addition to your bathroom if you want a modern look.

Toilet Seats with Different Seat Sizes

Soft-Close Seat

You need a seat that has a soft-close function especially if you have kids who may be prone to slamming the seat.  Even if you don’t have any kids the constant lifting and lowering of the seat may take some toll on the seat hence the need for the soft-close mechanism.

Blue Toilet Seat Cover Set

Crochet Toilet Seat Cover

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