Dream Bathroom for your home

Beautiful master bathroom can be created through a carefully planned space and adding color, decoration.

The size of the bathroom matters, but due to the availability of such a large variety of bathroom fixtures from compact to grandiose in scale your bathroom design can be entirely flexible and you can think of fancy bathroom even in a small area.

Before going into the design it is essential to take into account your wants and need first

Beautiful Spa Style Bahtroom with JacuzziSpacious Bahtroom with Jacuzzi and Big Cabinets

It is important to note down your requirements according to which you can create a brief of your architect or bathroom design.

Some of the major needs for your dream bathroom are

Bath tub

  • Spa type that is big enough for two people
  • Sufficient space for good soak
  • Enough for occasional baths

It is to be noted here that a big spa bath seems to be good at first, but if it takes too long to fill then that is a problem. On the other presence of bath tub in your bathroom can be perfect for your lifestyle, but in future if you want to buy it then it may happen then the buyers will not like it.


  • The water that falls is adequate for two people with separately controlled water jets and shower heads
  • Should work as a steam shower/steam room
  • Enough space to cover shower area


  • Separate vanities for both of you
  • May consider one basin/vanity only

Green Tiles Bathroom with Jacuzzi

Toilet and Bidet

  • Toilet and bidet should be in a separately enclosed space
  • Toilet in a semi enclosed private space
  • Toilet should be situated outside the master bathroom


  • Sufficient storage needed for linen, dirty laundry, toiletries, cleaning products
  • Some storage space for toiletries only
  • Enough natural light and ventilation
  • Entry to the outdoors and an additional outdoor shower
  • Attached dressing room
  • Heating: radiators, heated tower rails, under floor heating
  • Sound system or television

The next step is to decorate your bathroom. Bathroom tiles are the main decorating thing in a bathroom.

You can use royal blue for claw foot tub, sea green and orange for the walls and for towel sets use a colour that suits your mood.

If you are planning to give a new life into an existing bathroom, then you can take photographs of various floor, wall or fixture areas that you want to change. Then put a transparent paper over the photograph and start trying with different shapes and colour.

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