Why You Should Consider Vinyl over Timber for Your External Wall Cladding

Great White Vinyl Cladding Finish

Today there is a wider array of products to choose from when it comes to home improvement and home decor. You no longer have to depend of the conventional materials that may not fit modern building trends. Timber has always being the standard material for external wall cladding but now you can opt for vinyl which has plenty of aesthetic and functional benefits. So why should you choose vinyl over timber?


Wooden cladding unfortunately does not have a very long life span due to its inability to properly withstand conditions such as excess moisture, pests and other extreme conditions.  On the other hand, vinyl performs well in extreme conditions and does not attract any kind pests. This means that it can be used over a longer period than wood.


Timber is simple and has a natural appeal however; if you’re looking for a more contemporary look vinyl is a better option. It can be customized to fit your specific your specifications which is a major benefit.

Mackay House Exterior Cladding


Wood is quite susceptible to wear and tear and may require regular maintenance such as filling of cracks or correcting warps. Vinyl on the other hand requires little to no maintenance at all.  It may just require some cleaning with a cloth or brush from time to time.

Brown Vinyl Exterior Wall Cladding


Vinyl is much easier to install than wood mainly because it is flexible and lightweight which makes it easier to handle.

White Vinyl Exterior Cladding


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