4 Simple Ways of Caring for Your Canvas Art Prints

Canvas Print in Bedroom

If you are an art lover you know the value of a good art piece. They give any space a great look and can bring any plain wall alive. Canvas art is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for wall décor however, the care for these art piece is often understated. It is important to take time to care for this form of art pieces and here are a couple of valuable tips that you should consider.

 Avoid Strong Direct Light
When canvas prints are mounted on walls, ensure that they are not too close to windows thus reducing the amount of direct light. Too much light exposes the canvas prints to UV rays that could slowly degrade the artwork.

Pop Art Canvas Print

 Proper Display
When mounting your artwork ensure that there is a small space between the canvas and the wall. This will reduce the accumulation of moisture and dust. It will also ensure that the artwork is not affected by problems such, dampness or fungi build up.

Canvas Print
 Good Cleaning
Ensure that you never use cleaning liquids when sprucing up your art piece. Simply use a soft brush with very fine bristles. Also try and avoid cleaning the canvas while it hangs on the wall. Bring it down to a level surface and clean it with care.

 Keep Away From Pollutants
The canvas prints are made of delicate material that could be affected by pollutants such as tobacco smoke, spirit based deodorants, cosmetics and other contaminants.Caring for Canvas Prints


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