How to Refurbish your Stairs on a Budget

staircase carpet removal

Everyone wants to be proud of their home and make a good impression for visitors. If you live in a storied house, one of the first things that is visible as one walks through the front door is the staircase. Having a worn out or outdated staircase can really affect your overall décor theme.  Such a visible feature needs to be maintained not just for visual appeal but also to maintain the value of the home.  Today we highlight a couple of methods that you can consider if you want to upgrade your stairs without spending a fortune.

Change the Balustrade

Once your balusters get old or outdated, it is advisable to change the whole structure.  If it’s too expensive to change the balustrade, you could just replace the spindles. Try and replace the balusters and spindles with more contemporary fixtures. If you want, you can add some newel caps and handrails.

balustrade renovation

Remove the Carpet

Contemporary interior trends are leaning toward natural flooring. You could consider removing any carpeting and improving the appearance of the stairs.  Wood is a great material and its timeless look is quite appealing.

carpet removal for stairs

Add Some Paint

If you’re looking for a simple method of making a statement you could consider painting your staircase.  It will change the look of the staircase and give it an individual style. Of you cannot paint the stairs you could opt to paint just the balustrade.

painted wooden stairs

Wood Stain  

An easy way of giving you stairs a new lease of life is by using some wood stain. This application process greatly improves the look of the stairs and nourishes the wood as well. There are plenty of wood stain colors available so you can go ahead and pick the one that best fits into your color scheme.

stained wood stairs


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