3 Easy DIY Decoration Ideas for Window Décor

Giving your window a makeover does not necessarily need to be a difficult task. You can do some minor alterations that will add aesthetic value and offer a fresh new look.


Purple Curtains
A new set of curtains could set you back quite a bit in terms of finances especially if you want it to match with your current décor theme. If you are good in tailoring you could go ahead and make your own at home. If you do not want to buy new fabric you can simply come up with a creative way of re-purposing items such as old sheets. If you are good at screen printing or stencil art you can look for plain fabric and make your own prints.

Stylish Curtains

Tie Backs

Knob Tieback
The may be overlooked but tiebacks are a simple but innovative way of decorating window areas. The standard tiebacks that come with curtain sets often tend to be rather bland so you can innovate by making your own using rustic door knobs, silver or gold chains, neck ties, or even fancy leather belts.

Stylish Tieback


Blue Valance
This is basically a kind of decoration that usually hangs along the curtain rail and is normally used to hide the working parts of the curtain mechanism. You can make your own valance using custom fabric, small flags or pennants. You can use your preferred theme to achieve a uniform look.

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