Modern Wooden Furnishing in a Small House to Share Warm and Comfort

Awesome Living Space Design of Modern Valna House with Dark Colored Long Sofa and Soft Brown Colored Wooden Floor

White exterior of the Valna House is supported by wooden furnishing. It was done in the JSa Arquitectura hands, by the year of 2012. Located in Mexico, this contemporary residence is shaped in letter L, also supported by comfortable green environment. Neat architectural and bright coloration make its appearance looks better. Also lots of opened area on the lowest level will help you to enjoy its serenity even more.

Cool Staircase Design of Modern Valna House which is Made from Soft Brown Colored Wooden Material and Bright Cream Floor Lamp

Before we get inside the house, this is the picture of the sleek flooring of its opened patio. The sleek flooring is clearly black and patterned. It presents modernity which is given also by the transparent glass windows next to it. Across the building, you can see a wall of colorful vines is perfecting the yard. Spacious green area around the house is also perfect for your family to spend leisure together. Now, let’s see the wooden home furnishing. Here we go.

A merged sitting room and dining room are placed inside the building. A grey contemporary sofa stands on the wooden floor, right beside a long wooden table. Other two wooden chairs are there too. The dining table here is wooden and huge. 8 brown dining chairs with white legs are available too. Nice ideas of lighting could be found around. Hidden LED lights shot the grey and white walls also white and patterned ceiling.


Take a look at the cute and unique floating staircase here! Its wooden steps are wooden and nice. Cut in varied sizes which are supporting each other, surely you will find this kind of staircase only in this house. But move higher, you will find the wooden steps are going normally. If you want to explore more about the house, the floor plans are here for you. Enjoy the wooden home furniture pictures and floor plans for further ideas to redesign your residence!


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