3 Gardening Mistakes When Maintaining Your Garden in Winter

Winter can really take a toll on your garden or lawn considering that the rainy, snowy and frosty weather conditions tend to saturate the soil causing damage to plant life.  Your grass and plants can also suffer due to your own negligence. Here are 3 key mistakes that you may be making when tending to your garden during the winter period.


Vegetable Garden

Adding nutrients to your garden is important, however, if you add too much fertiliser during the winter months, your plants will grow slower. Excessive nitrogen added to plant life during winter make leaves more fragile and prone to disease.

Too much water


You need to go easy with you watering especially if your garden does not have very good drainage.  Poorly drained garden beds or an uneven ground could lead to drowning of plants. Over-watering could also lead to stunted plant growth and root rot.



Well pruned plants tend to flourish and they often stimulate new growth which is a healthy. However, when plants are pruned too much, especially in winter, they ooze a lot of sap and this could make them more susceptible to disease.


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