3 Important Features of Energy Efficient Households

Energy Efficient Household

When designing a home there are plenty of things to consider. One of the main considerations for 21st century homes is to ensure that energy efficiency is incorporated in building design.  In the long run, having an eco-friendly home will help property owners to save money while easing pressure on the environment. We have compiled a list of four important features that characterize energy efficient homes.



Just like sunroofs for vehicles, skylights allow light into homes from the roof.  Skylights have many benefits including lighting, heating and ventilation.  By allowing in natural light during the day you will spend less on artificial lighting.  Heating and ventilation will also reduce the cost of artificial heating and air conditioning.

Special House Framing

Energy Efficient Building Frame

This involves the installation of an advanced house frames during construction which will help in reducing the amount of building materials. These frames also have special insulation that help in keeping heating and air conditioning costs as low as possible.

Cooler Roofing

Energy Efficient Roof

Modern roofs are made to reflect more light thus keeping the whole building much cooler. This is especially recommended for homes in warmer locations and this will ultimately help in reducing air conditioning costs.


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