3 House Plan Mistakes You Should Avoid at all Cost

Three Bedroom House Plans

Building a house is a financially intensive process, therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing a suitable house plan. This will ensure that you avoid some shortcomings such as these highlighted below.

Ill Positioned Master Bedroom

A master bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary of sorts, therefore, It requires a significant level of privacy. Avoid placing the master bedroom close to a family or games room. Try as much as possible and locate it where there is least foot traffic.

Vinius Sample House Plan

Space Between Garage and Kitchen

To avoid the frustration of walking too far from your garage to the kitchen, consider a design that has the two areas close to each other. This makes it easier to transfer groceries and other items easily into the house. Studies actually show that many home-buyers are put off by homes that have the two area too far apart.

Acerage House Plan

Small Foyer

The first area that people see as they enter your home is the foyer. It is not very inviting to have a small poorly lit foyer. In order to ensure that the entry area has sufficient space, the house plan should include a space of at least 5 feet between the staircase and the door. There should be enough area in the foyer to accommodate a console table, chair or any other small fixture.

Custom House Plan

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