Design a Floor Plan for Easy Movement and Connection

Beam Ceiling Unit Design Idea Applied in Modern Living Space of Design a Floor Plan Equipped with Wooden Flooring

In order to meet your need of easy flow and movement inside your home, you need to design a floor plan which supports your need. It will be also about how the rooms are connected to each other so that you can easily get into one room to another room. Especially for the main living, living space, dining space and kitchen, the plan is commonly in open style. We have 20 best pictures of floor plan design for you to see.

Contemporary House Living Room Interior design Equipped with Red Sofa Set Design Ideas Plan with Wooden Flooring  Unit

Before you design your own floor plan, it is better for you to find which of the following pictures is best meeting your need. Then, before planning for the whole floor plan of your home, it is also better for you to take in detail of what you should do for each room or space. For example, for the kitchen, you may have it in straight, L-shaped or U-shaped layout, based on the space you have. For simple look but nice in function, the straight one will be better to directly connect to the dining and living. You should also decide whether you need island or not and where you should locate it.

Then, after finding the right integration of the kitchen to the dining and living space, for example with the straight kitchen cabinet at the edge, followed with island with stools, and dining space between the island and living space, it is time for you to connect your main living with other rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Since those rooms are also need to be equipped with smart access to outside view, commonly, they are positioned at the edges of the home. Feature them with wide glass windows for clear indoor and outdoor interplay!

Spacious Living Room Interior Design Idea Finished in White Color Design Plan Equipped with White Sofa Set Plan Ideas Unit

Connecting the first level to upper floor or basement in easy way is also important. The staircase is usually added at the living room or even kitchen so that you can also benefit the space under the stair for sitting, storage or cabinet. The stair is to drive you to the family room at the second floor or to entertainment space or wine cellar. To make you easy in creating the plan, find design your own floor plan software and take some learning with it.


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