3 Reasons Why You Should Inspect Your Garage Door

garage door issuesThe garage door is probably the most ignored fixture in any home.  Many people wait until their garage door is practically falling off to repair or replace it. It is advisable to take some action as soon as you notice any fault and we have compiled a brief list highlighting four things to be aware about.

garage door lubrication

Strange Noise

If you open your garage door you hear a squeaking, grinding or any other excessive noise, it is likely to be a sign of damage or wear and tear.  Try and found out where exactly the sound is coming from and find a relevant remedy.  If it’s something simple like lubrication, you can do it yourself but if it’s a more complicated issue you should contact an expert.

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No Proper Balance

The constant use of the garage door often leads to spring damage.  Once the springs become faulty it may lead to an imbalance of the door structure. This issue should be attended to as soon as possible to avoid serious risk such as the door falling or wrecking your car.

Garage Door Repair

Poor Response Time

Try and find out just how long it takes the door to respond to controls. Slowed response may be a sign of wear and tear and you’ll need to assess the structure to find out the cause.

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