How to use lights to decorate your patio

Elegant Patio Lighting

A well decorated outdoor makes your home a real paradise. Open space, nature, and fresh air will make you and guests want to relax there for longer. To make the patio even more enthralling, consider using special lights for decoration and ambiance. Here are some few tips on how to use lights to decorate your patio.

Use overhead lighting

Patio Overhead String Lighting
When light shines from above, it creates a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. Consider the bistro-type of string lighting for a café feeling when relaxing on the patio. You could also opt for paper lanterns that add an elegant appeal as light falls on the surrounding areas.


Tiki Torch Patio Lighting
Flickering candles when carefully positioned will make the patio truly beautiful and create a romantic feeling. With fire-lighting, you only illuminate or direct light towards the section you want. You could also stick tiki torches on different points of the perimeter for a fun and tropical effect.

Place the lights along the patio edges

Patio Accent Lighting
This is important in helping you emphasize the adjacent landscape. You can emphasize the flower beds using stake lamps or highlight larger bushes with ground spotlights. Lanterns can also be mounted on stacks and lined along the paving that lead to the patio.

Use wall lighting

Patio Wall Lighting
Every patio has at least one wall. You can take advantage of this and fit wall lighting fixtures. Fix the wall lighting elements to illuminate the entire patio area, a section of it or even highlight the surrounding landscape. You can opt for decorative sconces that can either hung on the fence or mounted on the wall.

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