3 Simple Design Tips to Add a Spark to your Home

Balanced Wall Art

Balanced Wall Art

Wall art is an important aspect of interior decor that creates a great vibe for your spaces.  However, it is important to note that the artwork should be hanged at eye level. The reason for this is that it gives some balance.  When photos or paintings are hung too low or too high they make the space look unbalanced.  Also ensure that you do not clutter your walls with artwork or photos as it will make the entire room feel cramped.

Creating Space

High Living Room Ceiling

If you want to make a room feel more spacious and less cramped you can raise the level of the ceiling. A room with a high ceiling feels airier and often has better air circulation.  If you are qualified enough to do this modification on your own, then go ahead; but if not you need to seek a qualified professional for the job.

Adding Light

Reflective Floor

Apart from light fixtures, windows and the choice of wall paint, you can significantly add more light to your interior spaces by installing a reflective floor.  Whether wood or tiled, a reflective floor will bounce of light from other sources, creating a brighter space. If your floor is not naturally reflective you can use polish, varnish or any other agent that will make your surface shiny.

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