3 Simple Dining Decorations with A Christmas Theme

Coming up with creative festive dining room decor can be a bit of a chore.  You need something that is stylish and original in order to give your dining area a festive ambience.

Decorative Trimmings

Dining Chair Xmas Decorations

You could consider accessorizing your dining chairs. This is something that is commonly seen at weddings, however, it could work well with for your dining chairs.  A simple red ribbon tied round the chairs and highlighted with some greenery could really do the trick.  This would look great when combined with white slipcovers.


Redberry Dining Centerpiece

You could consider getting a red berry table centerpiece which usually comes with some candles. This will definitely add vibrancy to the dining table.  Another great idea for a centerpiece is to use hurricane lamp holders which can be combined with some decorations.


Xmas Candles Dining Decoration

Scented candles create a relaxed atmosphere and make great focal points for the dining area.  You can combine different colored candles to brighten up the space.

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