3 Things To Consider When Installing A Balcony For Your Home

Rustic Balcony Design

Before you build a terrace or balcony, there are a couple of structural issues that need to be considered. This necessary especially if your plan is to use the space on a regular basis for relaxing or entertaining. This kind of home improvement is also going to increase the value of the property which is an added advantage.

Balcony Lounge

Load Capacity

You need to consider how many people and how much furniture will be on the balcony on a regular basis. If you plan on hosting many guests and having quite a lot of furniture then you will have to ensure that the load bearing capacity is high. A structural engineer would be able to explain these concepts and advise on the right load-bearing capacity.

Balcony Design Plan


Before you start doing makeovers, ensure that you have followed all the laid down procedures with regard to local and federal building regulations. Seek advice from your local planning office before embarking on any construction.


You may consider installing some accessories to make your balcony more functional. Items such as and outdoor kitchen, hot tub, wading pool or even a fireplace should be considered beforehand.

Rail Balcony

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