Beautiful Historical Buildings that Bring Back Past Memories

Wonderful Constructions of Abandoned Places Designed in Luxurious Building and Completed with Outdoor Ladder

What is left from the past can be visualized by viewing abandoned structures and remains spread out across the globe. These places are no longer in use but their history will never be forgotten. Temple of Santiago in Mexico is one of the places from the past that still maintains a beautiful structure. It dates back 450 years and is located in the middle of a water body. It may look like an eerie building but not if you think of how glorious it is in terms of its historical value.

Horrible Empty Space of Abandoned Places Showing Algae Growing on the Wall

Saint Nicholas Church is another abandoned building that is now surrounded by water. Located in Macedonia, It has a beautiful surrounding landscape. It is abandoned because of the destruction of the church and the surrounding village to make the lake the source of a power plant. Kayakoy in Turkey is also surrounded by a relatively large water body. It is located on the hill and has remained abandoned since the 1920’s.

Spacious Area of Abandoned Places Showing Low Ceiling Concept and Glass Walls

The beauty of the past can also be seen at the Kilchurn Castle that was built in the middle of 1400’s. In the 1700’s this waterfront castle was abandoned. The location is inviting and many of those who see it tend to go back to view its beauty. The castle structure is still striking just like the surrounding landscape. Miranda Castle in Belgium is also quite enchanting. It was built in 1866 with amazing classic architecture. During the era of World War II, it was used as summer camp. It has been abandoned since 1991 because the castle maintenance budget is too high.

Breathtaking View of Abandoned Places Showing Amazing Mountain Surrounding the House

Abandoned structures covered by plants are also quite beautiful like Ross Island located in India. This was the administrative center of British Administration during the colonization of India. Gougi Island in China is also a similar site. It was a bustling city which is now covered by wild green plants. Enchanting abandoned places sometimes make people scared but they can actually be rather enthralling if you pay closer attention.

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