3 Types of Garage Door Openers

garage door opener

Previously, all garage doors had to be opened manually which was quite cumbersome but today there are several options for garage openers. Below are some popular options that you should consider.

Chain Drive

chain drive

This is probably the cheapest option and is quite simple to install mainly because it consists of a metallic chain that is that is connected to a motor.  It is operated using a switch or remote control that triggers the motor causing the shaft and sprocket chain to raise or lower the door.  The downside of this kind of garage opener is that can be quite noisy.

chain drive illustration

Belt Drive

belt drive garage door opener

This kind of garage opener is less noisy than a chain drive and can be installed for semi-detached and standalone garages. They are usually activated either with a switch or a remote control. Belt drive openers usually last longer than chain drive openers and this makes them more popular.

Screw Drive

genie screw drive garage door opener

This type of garage opener was invented by a company known as Genie and it is automatic. The opener uses a motor known as ‘direct driver’ to operate it. A garage door that uses this mechanism is lifted with a steel rod that is threaded.  This eliminates the need for chains or belts. It is possibly the most popular garage door opener because is not noisy and works faster than the two other types mentioned above.

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