Why you should consider concrete staining for your home

Motif Stained Concrete Design

Building with concrete can sometimes result in drab finishes that are hardly appealing to the eye. This is especially so with concrete floors which are often covered with carpets to avoid the monotony of bland grey color. Concrete staining offers a relatively simply way infusing color and patterns on an otherwise plain concrete surface.

  •  Why create designs on concrete floors?

Concrete staining can turn an ordinary concrete surface into an expensive looking floor at an affordable cost. The materials used are easy to find and will not put a dent in your pocket. In addition to this, it is possible to do this kind of home improvement on your own which means you will save on the cost of hiring someone to do the job.

It is also possible to come up with custom concrete stain designs that will not be found elsewhere. These personalized designs can be made to suite the color scheme and décor of a home. Artistically inclined individuals have a chance to use their concrete floors as a canvas however; the sketches should be done accurately to guarantee a quality finish.

Green and Gold Stained Concrete Design

Concrete staining creates an attractive flooring surface that is not only good to look at but also easier to clean. Acrylic staining for instance creates a smooth shiny surface that does not attract dust and has similar characteristics to ceramic tiling.

  •  Durability

Untreated concrete floor surfaces can be vulnerable to wear and tear and the application of concrete staining designs tends to make concrete floors less susceptible to damage. Staining designs also prevent possibly harmful substances from seeping into the concrete.Patina Decorative Concrete Design

  •  Selling point

Contractors have to build structures that are marketable and concrete stain designs provide an affordable method of creating floor surfaces that potential home buyers will appreciate. This can be done through concrete staining which does not require great overheads despite creating a great finish.Brown Stained Concrete Floor

  •  Accessibility

    The materials required to carry out this form of self improvement are widely available. Most of the apparatus is available at your local hardware store or DIY section of a supermarket. Attendants are also able to make any clarifications about the application process.  When purchasing the products find out which ones will be suitable for your kind of concrete floor. Acid, Acrylic and Water-based dyes are the main options available. Ensure that all the manufacturers’ guidelines are adhered to during the process.

     If you do not have an idea of what concrete stain designs to create, you can browse the internet for some insights into the patterns that have already been done. So building with concrete does not mean that you surfaces have to remain bland; you can liven up concrete floors with simple staining designs that will not drain your energy or funds. It is also possible to change designs after a while which makes it a dynamic decorative procedure. The combination of functionality and esthetic appeal make concrete staining a preferred method of beautifying plain concrete surfaces.

    Acid Stained Concrete Floor

  • Outdoor Concrete Stained Floor

  • Stained Concrete Patio

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