4 Basic Tips for Decorating your Foyer

Earthy Foyer-Decor

It so happens that some of the most difficult areas to decorate are actually the smallest spaces. The foyer is an important space because it is the entry point to your home and it is the first area that guests encounter as they come in. This small area should be pleasant and inviting and here are a couple of décor tips that could be of use when decorating your foyer.

  • Consider placing a pedestal table in your foyer with an overhead chandelier. This will create a warm ambiance that is inviting for visitors. The table should have a sculpture or floral centrepiece to create a focal point.
  • Add framed prints or artistic paintings to give the walls some character. It also kills the monotony of plain colored walls.
  • Including a chair or lounge seat would be advisable. It allows guests to wait or remove shoes comfortably. The chair also accentuates the décor.
  • It is always a great idea to include an area rug to your foyer. It adds character to the floor and adds a splash of color.

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