4 Great Feng Shui Ideas For Your Bathroom

The modern outlook of a Feng Shui bathroom is a special retreat for utmost luxury and great pleasure. Think of a large bathroom with great lighting, music, and whirlwind tub to create a spa-like experience when you set in there. However, Feng Shui indicates that you risk draining away luck from the toilet drain if not positioned appropriately. Here are 4 great Feng Shui ideas for your bathroom.

Placing mirror on a bathroom door

Bathroom Door Mirror
Fix a large mirror on the bathroom door. A large mirror reflects the bathroom and makes it look like it has disappeared. As a result, Chi will easily get back into the bathroom. Remember to set the mirror in a manner that it does not reflect part of the door, furniture, corners, and dirt because they obstruct chi from getting back. If the door of the bathroom is directly opposite the main door, you can use a beautiful but non-reflective material to cover the doors.

Using essential oils in the bathroom

Bathroom Essential Oils
The lovely scent of essential oil should be allowed to fill and stay in the bathroom. Aroma bath brings out a soothing experience and a great way for cleaning the mind. Taking a bath should not be looked simply from a shower point of view, but a comprehensive sense of satisfaction, relaxation, and good luck. Essential oil’s aromatic effect can also be brought out by adding it to paints.

Using Feng Shui area rugs

Bathroom Rug Sets
Feng Shui designs recommend rectangular area rugs for Northern located bathrooms and square models for southern positioned bathrooms. If your bathroom is located on the on the eastern or western sections of the house, select triangular and circular designs respectively. Remember always to test with colors and get an ideal outlook that attracts and retains Chi.

Consider blue and green colors for bathroom decorations

Blue Green Color Bathroom Design
Decorations in a Feng Shui bathroom should help bring peace and calmness. Green and blue colors help to attract wealth and enhance good luck to users. Such decorations should create harmony and sense of continuity through the flow of energy. You can also use plants to enhance the bathroom decor and make every minute truly enthralling.

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