4 Ways Of Decorating With Quilts

Quilts In The Living Room 

Quilts may remind you of your grandma’s house but that does not mean that they cannot be cool home accessories. The vintage quilt can be used to accentuate various rooms in your home and here are few tips that you can use to ensure that your quilt works for your space.

The More The Prints The Better  

Quilts generally have a patterns but it would be better to have one with plenty of prints which adds vibrancy. More prints also add visual texture which is great for esthetic appeal. The patterns add a warm detail to any room which adds coziness.

Decorating Bedroom with Quilts

Maintain Geometric Patterns

Color coordinated geometric patterns add a contemporary aspect to the vintage quilt look. So if you’re afraid that your space will look outdated because of the quilt design just ensure that you look for one that has nice geometric patterns.

Elegant Quilt Decor

Balance Your Decor

It is important to ensure that you maintain visual balance. Try and balance the vintage quilt look with a contemporary look. Even if you’re going for a truly vintage look you still need to seek some balance which will enhance the overall look.

Decorating Quilts

Use it in Different Ways

As much as a quilt is just considered a throw, it can be used in various ways such as a wall hanging, re-purposed as a pillow case, place-mat or even used to make cushions. You can you your creativity to re-purpose your quilt in various ways.




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