Retro Decor is Making a Huge Comeback, Don’t be Left Behind

Retro Style Home Decor

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of retro décor is the vibrant colors of the sixties and seventies. From avocado colored kitchen accessories to bright orange sofas, everything seemed to be brighter. This style of home décor is slowly making a comeback and this means that you can enjoy the exuberant mix of colors combined with a vintage feel. So how exactly can you achieve this retro look?

Search for vibrant colors and patterns such as paisley and plaid. Mixing of different prints is an acceptable practice with this style. However, do not go overboard with the prints; try and find a good balance.

Some of the retro furniture favorites include plastic chairs and tables, bean bags and inflatable furniture.

Retro Living Room

They should be vibrant enjoyable and fun. Items such as a lava lamp, vinyl player, rotary phone can provide great accents. Be creative and come up with your own personal look.

Retro Decor Idea

Apart from actually going out to look for the stuff yourself, you can also use the internet as a resource. There are plenty of websites, home decor blogs and forums where you can access a wide array of furniture and accessories.

Retro Kitchen

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