4 Interesting DIY Halloween Wreaths for your Home

This is the season for trick-or-treating and weird costumes. Halloween here! To get your home in a festive mood you need some décor ideas that will give your home a great Halloween vibe. Check out these simple wreath décor ideas that you could adapt for your home.

Black Twigs

black twig halloween wreath

This is a great accessory that you could use to create a ghoulish look. You could easily make this at home by twining vines around a round metal frame. You can then spray paint the whole thing black to give it a dark spooky look. Hang it outside your door and you’re Halloween mood is set.

Black Tulle

black tulle halloween wreath

You could start off with a normal wreath and then add on some fluffy black tulle fabric. If you’re artistic you could add some interesting art pieces such as ribbon roses, feathers and probably some toy crows.


yarn spider themed wreath

This is a creative accessory that you could easily make with stuff that you have around the home. A simple circular frame, a big ball of yarn and your creativity could result in an interesting final structure.

Leafy Harvest

square harvest wreath

This a great option if you prefer a natural looking wreath. It is advisable to use a square shaped base such as an old picture frame. This will make it easier to place the foliage without it falling off easily.

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