3 Types of Fire Pits for Cozy Outdoor Spaces  

The crisp fall evenings are quite enchanting and its always a great idea to enjoy the outdoors with a roaring fire by your side. A fire pit is the easiest option because there are a wide range of types to choose from and many of them are portable and convenient.  Here are a couple of fire pits that you should consider for your home.

Pop-up Fire Pit

pop up fire pit

This is a kind of elevated bowl that can accommodate a sizable bonfire. This type of fire pit is not only easy to set up but it can also be moved around with ease.


Built-In Pit

curved fire pit with bench

This is a permanent fire pit that is often created using stone and may also have permanent benches set up beside it. This is a great option because it is very durable and can sustain extreme weather conditions.


Stone Bowl

stone bowl fire pit

This is a solid fire pit that is made of stone and shaped like a large bowl. This kind of fire pit can be made from various materials including, natural stone, coral, cement, concrete among other materials.


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