4 Simple Ways of Making your Bathroom Feel Like a Mini Spa

Your bathing area is more than just a cleansing room. It is a refuge that is supposed to rejuvenate your body after a hard days work. In order to make your bathroom more pleasant and inviting, you need to work on the interior d├ęcor. Here are a couple of ideas that you should consider to transform your bathroom into a mini spa.

Pink Splashes

pink themed bathroom

Pink is a very relaxing color that subconsciously relaxes the mind, Including some pink items in your bathroom will go a long way in creating a serene space. You could opt for an elegant pink curtain, rosy pink lampshades or pink wallpaper. You could even go a little bit further by occasionally buying pink flowers for the bathroom.

Vintage Clock

vintage bathroom clock

If your bathroom is big enough to accommodate either a wall clock or stand-alone clock on a dry corner then go for it. A good option is a grandfather clock which takes up a narrow space and has a wood cladding. This is an elegant addition to a space that would otherwise be empty. This may seem like an extravagant addition to a bathroom but if you have enough space, go ahead and spoil yourself.

Wall Art

bathroom wall art

Wall art has a way of creating a serene feeling. Make a point to shop around for some elegant canvas paintings, framed photographs or wall hangings. Choose a suitable spot to hang the artwork and try as much as possible not to overdo it or you could end up cluttering your walls.

bathroom framed wall

Floral Walls

floral bathroom wallpaper

whether you choose wallpaper or tiles, a flowery design is undeniably very relaxing especially in soft colors like soft blue or lime green with a white background.

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