Traditional and Modern Vanities for your Bathroom

     Wall Mounted Vanity

A vanity is an integral part of any bathroom. It does not necessarily have to be very costly or elegant but it definitely has to be functional.  The ideal situation however, would be to get a stylish and functional vanity that suits your needs.

  • Free Standing Vanity

Freestanding Vanity

This is a combination of a pedestal sink and a vanity.  Traditional pedestal sinks normally do not have any storage space for essential items however a free standing vanity takes care of this by offering generous space for additional storage.

  • Vanity Cabinet

Cabinet Vanity

This is a common choice for bathrooms and they come in various designs.  A vanity cabinet has plenty of utilities which makes it a must have item for your bathroom.

  • Wall Mounted Vanity

Elegant Vanity


These vanities are affixed directly on walls leaving a significant amount of space between the fitting and the floor. Apart from being a practical piece of furniture this wall mounted vanity also helps save space and would be ideal for a small bathroom.

  • Vintage cabinet style vanity

Vintage Cabinet Vanity

These vanities have a classic look and have an elegant flair that differs from contemporary units.  They can be free standing, wall mounted or semi-recessed depending on the specific design.



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