4 Types of Floor Rugs to Liven Up Your Home

Irrespective of the design and style of your home, area rugs are very useful in adding a sense of richness and completeness. You can opt for a different area rug to liven up the home for a forthcoming event, achieve a different mood, or change the theme completely. Here are four main types of floor rugs to liven up your house.

The Lasa Carpet

Las a Carpet
This is a special design created from merino wool to get a soft and appealing look. The lovely tubular configuration makes the carpet and the entire house look expensive, stylish and warm. This carpet will definitely  will liven up any house with colorful tubular serrations that terminate with black tops. You might want to alternate  the color of the curtains and furniture to create a deeper sense of class and style with the Lasa carpet.


Topis Tongs
This area rug is a perfect design for the modern living space. The carpet features a thick layer of soft padding made from cotton and wool. It matches perfectly well with many house installations such as furniture, wall art and background paintings. The carpet will liven up the room even more when it is fitted at the center of the living room that has moderate lighting.

The sleeper/ Dune Seating Area Rug

Sleeper Dune Carpet
This is one of the latest designs you should consider trying for an enthralling look. The carpet is large with and is often the width of a sofa. It brings out a sense of style and sophistication because unlike other rugs that are only laid on the floor, it partly covers the sofa. The sense of flow from the chair to the floor makes your living room to change and become very attractive. When visitors come, some will enjoy sitting on the floor as others stay on the sofa because they are all on the same area rug.

The Swimming Pool Rug Design

The Swimming Pool Rug Design
For houses with a water theme, a swimming pool rug creates an inviting look of complete relaxation after work or with friends. The area rug will give you the same feeling you enjoy when outside in the swimming pool. To liven up the room even more with this area rug, consider using lights and other accessories that make the house to look natural and make energy to flow easily. Good examples include wall lights and potted plants at different corners.

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