4 Types of Heaters for your Home

 Home Heating    

Domestic heaters come in plenty of variations to suit different scenarios. Therefore, when choosing a heater for your home you need to ensure that you are picking a device that will adequately cater for your specific needs.  So what are the types of heaters available in the market? We have taken time to highlight four commonly used heaters for the home.

Radiant Bar Heater

Radiant Bar Heater

This is sometimes referred to as a strip heater and is a great device because it produces plenty of heat quickly and is versatile because it can be used in various rooms including the bathroom.  It is suitable when you require heat for a short period.

Gas Heater

Portable Gas Heater

These appliances are quite efficient and they are affordable.  In addition to this they are environmentally friendly and do not require a lot of maintenance.

Oil Filled Column Heater

Oil Filled Column Heater

These heaters provide radiant heat and currently they are more favoured over other portable heaters due to their safety and efficiency.

Fireplaces and Wood Heaters

Wood Burning Fireplace

These heaters give off radiant heat and require constant supply of fuel such as wood to produce a steady supply of heat.  They require quite some maintenance such as cleaning but they are a charming addition to a home.

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